1000W FM Power Amplifier
1000W FM Power Amplifier

1000W FM Power Amplifier

RF-Kit Electronics producing 1800W FM power amplifier combines high performance and value for those who can’t afford to buy builtup brand. This amplifier comes with RF protection and digital metering, the graphical LCD controller eases the management of power, as well as monitoring of key system variables
We concern about the low cost & high quality products.

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Frequency range     87,5-108 MHz
RF connector     Type N for RF input - type 7/16 for R.F. output
Impendance     50 Ohm input and output power

    MOSFET Power Design
    Up to 80% Amplifier Efficiency
    Front panel control and monitoring

Power Supply     Switch Mode (48 V / 40 A)

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    Greetings. Regarding your 1000w fm power amplifier. Has it already a power supply? Is it easy to instal? Pls tell more about this PA. I am a new bigginer but i installed a 40watts fm station in our town a year ago and still functioning without any b ...

    This RF power amplifier is equipped with a power supply and protection. You just need to add the exciter and antenna

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Sudah dipake 1th lebih tetap stabil powernya, hemat biaya+hemat energi

By Supri Y. the 04/07/2017