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15W FM Transmitter Kits

Dualgate mosfet oscillator - 15W RF Power MOSFET, adjustable 0 to 15 Watts - No Tune / Broadband design - LCD display - Frequency range: 76-108 MHz (87.5-108MHz default) - 50kHz PLL Steps - Output connector: solder posts (no connector on board), Power Supply 12-13.8V - SMD components, High quality PCB - Low Price High Quality FM Transmitter
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25W FM Stereo Transmitter LCD Modules

All in one 25W FM stereo transmitters modules by RF-Kit Electronics is equipped with a stereo card, 15kHz LPF card, and audio limitter card (optional). PLL systems with a 20X4 LCD display makes this transmitter kit appear attractive to meet the needs of low cost high quality FM transmitters.
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