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BLF184XR 600W FM Pallet

    Middle power SWR Imune FM Pallet 88-108MHz    600W RF Output Min.    22dB Power Gain    Operates DC power supply 48V-50V    Temperature compensated bias    LDMOS BLF184XR Transistor    Input power 3 watts typical
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Rp 3.800.000
300W FM Pallet MRFE6VP6300H
-  Input voltage: 48-50V  -  Current : ≤ 9A  -  Frequency Range: FM Band 87MHz-108MHz  -  Broadband- Input power: Typical 1.8W, Max 2.5 Watts-  Max Output power: 380 Watts
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Rp 2.000.000
BLF188XR FM 88-108MHz 1000W Planar FM Pallet
The 1000W FM 88-108 MHz palette is a solution for the FM broadcast station who wants further emission capability. This booster palette uses BLF188XR which is designed using a planar transformer without using coaxial cable as its RF transformer. Broadband, no tuning, simple, practical, elegant and high quality RF pallets.
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Rp 5.000.000