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    We specialize in design & assemblies of FM transmitters & RF power amplifier modules in Indonesia

2000W FM amplifier using 2x MRFE6VP1K25H
2000W FM amplifier using 2x MRFE6VP1K25H

Designed for FM radio transmitter, this amplifier uses dual Freescale LDMOS MRFE6VP61K25H push-pull transistor to produce >2000 watts and efficiency at 50V DC exceeds 75%.
 26/11/2015  (6)    (0)
15W FM Stereo Transmitter BH1415F
15W FM Stereo Transmitter BH1415F

FM stereo transmitter assembly costs by BH1415F relatively cheap because all parts FM stereo transmitter has been included in the IC BH1415F. The chip consist of oscillators, pll, pre-emphasis, limitt...
 21/11/2015  (10)    (0)


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Review By ian lajato,
ian lajato
i received my order, tested and i am very satisfied with your products. Thank you
Review By Mirko Linares,
Mirko Linares
Very goood. Stereo generator . Dixi Pro 3. professional audio Balance support. very good separation ...
Review By A. Baguyo,
A. Baguyo
Thank you for the freebees you gave me RF amp control

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